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Nancy Pelosi more concerned with Rigging the Election through the USPS than your Stimulus Check

With all the rioting going in in Democrat cites being encouraged by the Democrats you would be forgiven for thinking that they no longer support social distancing and that everyone should get out and vote in person. After all you are out there everyday, returning to work, running errands, shopping and being harassed for not waring a mask that is only required when you shop, but not when you protest.

If you are unemployed, a minority and non-white, you are likely wondering why the Democrats are encouraging you to protest and riot, surely they are there to protect you from catching COVID-19! 

Why did Nancy Pelosi feel that the house should go off on holiday without first approving your stimulus check so that you can survive without a job? But can not recall the House to pass legislation so that the USPS can assist the Democrats casting doubts on the Election Results in November.  

Nancy did not care much to get your stimulus checks passed, still does not care to get them past while the house is recalled.

It appears that the Democrats know they are going to lose this election in November and they are preparing in any way possible to steal the election or to create a mechanism that will allow them to question and cast doubt on who the victor was for yeas to come, I am sure they will be calling Trump an illegitimate president should he win in November. 

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