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Liar, Liar

Difficult to explain all which is a threat to America, it’s not one issue you resolve to make life better, it’s like a shotgun blast of numerous issues that threaten America & we are just trying to avoid the pellets as we seek solutions. Although it doesn’t come from one direction, those pellets are all around us however, the more people seeking the Truth the stronger America becomes. I just point to issues; the Truth is your quest if you don’t already know, & then tell your friends & family.

Just for your info, the counties around Rolling Fork, Miss (tornado) are very liberal & the fed govt response was immediate, compared to East Palestine, Ohio (train derailment) which is conservative & was basically ignored by the fed govt. One can only wonder if how you vote dictates whether the federal govt offers prompt assistance in time of need.

‘Project Hamilton’ is the start of creating a central bank digital currency. This means the govt will know what you have, where you have it & how you spend it, limiting the way you spend your $ by requiring govt approval. Also be aware of (ESG), known as environmental, social, governance, which would force a political ideology on companies to support ‘woke’ policies. It means companies would invest your $ in govt policies rather than fiscally sound investments. We need to pay attention to what this govt is doing.

At The House Oversight & Accountability Committee, Manuel Oliver, who lost his son Joaquin in the school massacre in Parkland, Florida, reportedly disrupted the proceeding, Capitol Police took him to the ground & arrested him. The Olivers were removed from the hearing after becoming emotional & disrupting “order and decorum” under House Rule 11. A. These Americans have no ‘order & decorum,’ in their lives, their child was murdered in school. As a result, they felt the need to make their feelings known in Congress regarding legislation. Shame on Congress for not allowing emotional testimony & for causing further pain in the lives of the Olivers. It is their Right to address Congress in a nonviolent manner. 

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) at the House debate over the Parental Bill of Rights, stated: “Don’t we want our children to know that slavery is wrong as I fight against slavery today that still exists?

First, if your children are being taught ‘American History’ in school (or if they just have common sense) they know it’s wrong & they know what America did to end it. What is wrong is someone in Congress lying to the American people, as many do. Second, if slavery exists in America today, she needs to clarify it with facts & let Americans address it.

We also have Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) saying “MAGA Republicans” don't want the Holocaust to be taught in schools. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) stated that issues of parental rights being chilled, is as much of a fact, as incriminating material on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Those in Congress can say this because in 1989 Congress passed the Westfall Act, Congress was protected against making false statements to the public, we need a law that prevents politicians from providing false info to the public who rely on that info to reach a voting decision, something to tell your Representative in govt. 

Well, the govt has no problem telling us how they feel about those Americans who believe in ‘MAGA” that’s Make America Great Again. It’s Americans who believe in America & simply want to make it better that’s who those people are, clearly defined as ‘many people who look different but feel the same,’ The problem with govt is they are constantly thinking Trump while all those Americans are simply thinking how to make America better, they don’t care about politics. The govt is talking about people who are a threat to democracy, insurrectionists, and terrorists, from the President, agencies & media we are told how bad these people are who want to make America better, those Americans who believe ‘Build Back Better,’ just isn’t making it. 

These are Americans who see a decline in American values, we are living it, we feel it as a reality. https://patriotpost.us/alexander/96092-the-data-on-leftist-erosion-of-american-values-2023-03-29 Facts show us this govt is only interested in their values unlike those of American values.

We have a lot to do when it comes to communicating with everyone regarding America including those elected to govt, those whose duty it is to serve us, WeThePeople. 

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida

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