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LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT: Healthy Mitochondria website, Rumble video channel, and StreetLoc organization page

HEALTHY MITOCHONDRIA launches new website, Rumble video channel, and StreetLoc organizational page. Subscribe and become a member to get notifications when new content is posted. 




Many of you have followed me as I navigated my own personal health journey, from being told for 4-1/2 years, “whatever is wrong with you, it isn’t going to kill you“, to when I sat in disbelief when I was told, “you have Mitochondrial Dysfunction... we don’t know how much longer you have”, to my 10-year recovery that has been full of so many blessings and a TON of personal research that has highlighted how healthy mitochondria sustain health and failing mitochondria cause nearly every disease you can think of.

Unfortunately, my website read like a medical school textbook... Though chocked full of information, my brother put it best, “it gets deep fast and I was having a hard time understanding most of it.” So I am revamping my educational and mentoring efforts. My goal is to help as many people as I can to better understand the metabolic processes of the body and how best to maximize energy production in order to achieve optimal health.

I have big plans to both reorganize the info I have shared over the last six years (previously at Oxygen Oasis Health), AND to publish more disease specific research and educational videos on how everyone can be their healthy best.

Be sure to receive notifications when new content is posted by subscribing to healthymito.com and rumble.com/healthymito, and become a member of our StreetLoc organizational page at: StreetLoc.com/HealthyMito.

Optimal Health Starts at the Cellular Level; It Starts with Your Mitochondria.

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