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Baba Vanga prophesied that December 22, 2022 will be the most dangerous day for Planet Earth

Clairvoyant mystic Baba Vanga, who is most famous for predicting the rise of ISIS and the 9/11 attacks in the US, has made a score of predictions for 2022. The mystic has claimed that after losing her eyesight at a very young age, she realized her ability to foresee the future. She has made prophecies dating thousands of years into the future till 5079, with people still seeking her wisdom.

Forecasts of the Bulgarian mystic who died in the year 1996, have a success rate of 85%, reports have claimed. Nicknamed the 'Nostradamus of the Balkans', Baba Vanga has made several prophecies for the year 2022, which range from the discovery of a new virus to an alien invasion! She has also foreseen a massive locust attack in India.

Here are some of Baba Vanga's predictions for 2022

  • Baba Vanga 2022 predictionsWater crisis: One of Baba Vanga's believable prophecies is the likelihood of a water crisis in the coming year. The Bulgarian mystic has claimed that due to rising pollution in rivers, there will be a struggle to stay hydrated, and the world will be hit by a scarcity of drinking water. She has also revealed that this would lead to several researchers looking to get a hold of newer sources of water. 
  • Baba Vanga, who had successfully foreseen the 2004 tsunami, has now predicted that in 2022, several Asian countries, along with Australia, will be hit by floods. This will lead to the death of hundreds. 
  • The blind mystic has also alleged that an asteroid named 'Oumuamua' will be sent by aliens to seek life out of planet Earth. Notably, Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object passing through the Solar System was detected by scientists in 2017. She has also presaged that by 2130, civilizations will learn how to live underwater, with the help of aliens.
  • Vanga foresees, a sharp rise in temperature in India, as high as 50° Celsius. She has stated that India will be hit by locust attacks in 2022, which will lead to the destruction of crops and agricultural plots, causing famine.
  • The mystic also has some bad news for the world which is battling the COVID-19 virus for the last two years. According to Baba Vanga, a new lethal virus in Siberia will be discovered in 2022. The virus is frozen as of now. 
  • Baba Vanga has forecasted that in 2022, people will spend more time online. With the screen time of people on their phones, gadgets, etc increasing drastically, humans would start dangerously confusing fantasy with reality. 
  • Vanga prophesied that December 22, 2022 is the most dangerous day for the Earth: "He will divide everything into before and after. "Peace will come when "the elder begins to respect the younger", and Russia is overtaken ... 
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