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Apple Airpods Pro - What is Spatial Audio and when will I get it?

Apple’s spatial audio will simulate surround sound.

During WWDC 2020 Apple announced compatibility for “Spatial Audio” with the AirPods Pro, but what is it? Spatial Audio is Apple’s version of surround sound. It uses a combination of software algorithms and the accelerometers in your AirPods Pro to place sound cues around you in 3D space. This simulates the immersive experience of sitting in the middle of a full surround sound setup. One cool thing is that the accelerometers of the AirPods Pro will supposedly sync up with the accelerometer inside the source device that you are watching videos on. 

That way if you’re in a car or a plane the audio that you’re listening to will change only when you move your head instead of when the vehicle makes a turn. It’s going to be fully compatible with videos encoded for 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound as well as Dolby Atmos. Unfortunately, we’re not entirely sure if it lives up to the promise yet as it hasn’t yet been released. It will reportedly be in the next AirPods Pro firmware update but at the time of this writing it still isn’t out yet. We’ll be sure to update this section of the review with more information when we get to try it out ourselves.

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