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#MonkeyPox Reference Guide - CDC Travel Alert for Recommends Wearing Masks

As this is about to become another pandemic and part of the virus Olympics, I am creating some reference points for future follow-up. The Democrats openly stated after the 2020 elections that they will never win again without the extraordinary circumstances surrounding 2020 elections.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention () raising the Travel Alert for to 2 and recommending wearing masks to protect against a virus spread chiefly by prolonged contact with infected bodily fluids.

After much mocking, ridicule, and criticism, the CDC removed the mask recommendation.

The New York Times: Monkeypox Can Be Airborne, Too 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance last week for travelers wishing to protect themselves against monkeypox. This was one of its recommendations: “Wear a mask. Wearing a mask can help protect you from many diseases, including monkeypox.” Late Monday night, that recommendation was deleted. However, the agency still says that in countries where monkeypox is spreading, “household contacts and health care workers” should consider wearing masks. That guideline also applies to “other people who may be in close contact with a person who has been confirmed with monkeypox.” The turnabout hints at a little-discussed aspect of the current monkeypox outbreak: The virus can be airborne, at least over short distances. (Mandavilli, 6/7)

Reuters: U.S. CDC Removes Mask Recommendation From Monkeypox Travel Notice To Avoid Confusion 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Tuesday it had removed a mask recommendation from its monkeypox travel notice to avoid "confusion" over the disease, which primarily spreads through direct contact. "Late yesterday, CDC removed the mask recommendation from the monkeypox Travel Health Notice because it caused confusion," a CDC spokesperson said on Tuesday. (6/7)

CNN: CDC's Travel Advisory On Monkeypox: 'Practice Enhanced Precautions' 

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has an "Alert -- Level 2" advisory for travelers to "practice enhanced precautions" because of the spread of monkeypox, a rare disease that's a cousin of smallpox. On its advisory, the CDC said that the "risk to the general public is low, but you should seek medical care immediately if you develop new, unexplained skin rash (lesions on any part of the body), with or without fever and chills." (Brown, 6/7)

Cases are ticking up —

AP: Arizona's 1st Probable Monkeypox Case In Maricopa County

Arizona health officials announced Tuesday that they have identified the state’s first probable monkeypox case in Maricopa County. They said testing at the Arizona State Public Health Laboratory returned a presumptive positive result and confirmatory testing is underway at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Officials said the case involves a man in his late 30s who is currently in isolation and recovering. (6/7)

The Texas Tribune: Texas Reports Its First Case Of Monkeypox In Dallas County 

Texas health officials said Tuesday they have identified the first case of monkeypox in the state this year, but noted the illness does not currently present a risk to the general public. The case was identified in a Dallas County resident who recently traveled internationally, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. The department is working with Dallas County Health and Human Services and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate the case. Health officials said they have also identified a “few” people who may have been exposed to the virus in Dallas. Those people are monitoring themselves for symptoms of infection, officials said. (Lenzen, 6/7)

The Hill: Here Are The States With Monkeypox Cases

The U.S. has not reported any deaths from the monkeypox cases, and officials are working to contain cases by identifying who was exposed to the virus and getting them a vaccine. There are currently more than 30 cases in the nation. (Lonas, 6/7)

Also —

Stat: Lessons From AIDS Crisis Guide Response To Monkeypox Outbreak 

As officials, researchers and activists scramble to control an emerging monkeypox outbreak, many are doing so with another virus constantly wedged in the back of their minds: HIV. The parallels between the two infections are limited but clear. Although the monkeypox strain now in circulation is infinitesimally milder than HIV — zero fatalities have been reported out of the more than 1,000 cases so far — it is another virus that emerged in sub-Saharan Africa and has popped up outside the continent largely in men who have sex with men. “There are, you know, echoes,” said Chris Beyrer, director of the Duke Global Health Institute. (Mast, 6/8)

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