The American Collapse

Thanks to Joe Biden, or more appropriately the shadowy coalition that imposed that loser on us, we have succeeded in allowing it to be possible for two haters of America to be joined in one country with one purpose, the destruction of Western Civilization. Antifa and the civilian support corps of BLM now have common cause with the most powerfully armed terrorist organization on the planet: Al Qaeda. The Taliban provided safe haven for Al Qaeda 20 years ago and if you think they have changed their spots during 20 years of getting their asses kicked by Uncle Sam, I would say to you that the U.S. educational system has failed you horribly.

The problems in holding on to our freedoms are gargantuan and well-entrenched, possibly too well-entrenched because for every time we are victorious and we are able to point out that welfare-warfare and nanny statism (including unelected bankers ‘directing’ the economy) is the culprit and anathema to freedom and that free markets and individual freedom is the solution. We are greeted with a new credit meltdown or a global pandemic. The totalitarian state in all of its hydra-headed manifestations have used these crises, whether real or manufactured to cow and enslave almost every American.

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