Truth Social Donald Trump is 'complaining 'What the f*** is going on?'

'What the f*** is going on?': Donald Trump is 'complaining about lackluster Truth Social rollout' and 'wants to know why his app isn't dominating the charts'

  • Truth Social shot to the top spot in Apple's App Store when it debuted in Feb
  • As of Monday morning it had dropped to 118th in download popularity 
  • An attempt to sign on by ends at a waitlist 584,200 spots long
  • Saturday data analysis shows users spending far less time on Truth Social than other right-wing social media sites like Gab and Gettr
  • A mobile app expert predicted to the day after the app's launch that Trump will 'pack up his bags, and so too will the remaining platform users'
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Comments (3)
    • Thing won't even let me get on the wait-list....I don't have an Apple device and can't seem to find the android version. It's hell being analog in a digital world I guess.

      • There IS NO android version, It was only released to CRAPple i-junk users

        • Someone involved in the Beta testing of the site told me they'd be adding PC & Android "the middle of March," giving time to "work out the bugs." New sites always have a lot of issues, especially when inundated with new accounts or requests for new accounts. Sure hope they get it all worked out soon!

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