The Biden Administration Begs The Taliban 'Please spare our embassy' in Kabul

The Biden administration begs the Taliban 'Please spare our embassy' in Kabul, it will be a global embarrassment if Kabul falls before September 11.

  • US negotiators are seeking assurances from the Taliban that they will leave the embassy alone if they take over the capital city, Kabul
  • Diplomats are weighing how soon they could have to evacuate the US embassy, were some 4,000 are employed
  • The State Department last week warned US citizens to get out of the war-ravaged nation immediately
  • Taliban have now seized control of 11 provincial capitals, two-thirds of the nation
  • Taliban fighters are going door-to-door and forcing young women in captured areas into sex slavery and executing Afghan forces who surrender 
  • Biden said on Monday, 'I do not regret my decision' to withdraw'

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