LOOMER EXCLUSIVE: The Man Behind the Sales of Dominion Machines Has Arrived In Florida

In June 2021, Illoominate Media broke a story exposing a June 2021 conference held by the Florida Supervisors of Elections, a nonprofit organization that is masquerading as a government entity but is, in actuality,  an LLC. Illoominate Media provided irrefutable evidence that proves this organization is an actual business that is trying to influence the outcome of elections in Florida, as opposed to an official Florida government agency.

Here is a list of their entire mission, charter, and by-laws: https://lawsdocbox.com/66708452-US_Government_Resources/Florida-state-association-of-supervisors-of-elections-directory.html.

Click below to ream more on how Barry Herron the top national salesman for Dominion voting machines in the United States, fits into the story:

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