Laura Loomer Wins – Harmeet Dhillon Retreats Now Backs “Winner-Take-All” Option

“Laura Loomer Wins – Harmeet Dhillon Retreats from CA GOP “Proportional” Rule Position, Now Backs “Winner-Take-All” Option”

There’s still work for be done. Just because she’s distancing, doesn’t mean it’s over. needs to rip the amendment up.

It is difficult to overstate just how impactful Mrs. Laura Loomer was/is in blocking a California scheme that appears to be part of a wider GOPe plan to dilute the primary election delegate distribution against the interests of President Trump and his supporters.

Mrs. Loomer exposed a three-week old plan by state RNC leadership Jessica Patterson, Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon to change the California Republican primary outcome to a proportional distribution of candidates.

Loomer published the contents of a leaked email from the three organizers Patterson, Steel and Dhillon.

As people realized what was happening, all behind closed doors and hidden from public review, outrage began to surface.

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