FBI Just Arrested CNN Gusts Jade Sacker and John Sullivan for Inciting Violence and Rioting at the Capitol

Antifa-Insurgence leader John Earl Sullivan is in custody after being arrested in Utah on Thursday.

GatewayPundit reportedly had video (since been taken down) of Sulivan straight after the shooting of Ashli Babbitt saying: 

“If we don’t get in, we’re going to burn this shit down,” he gloats. “Let’s go! This shit’s ours. Fuck yeah. I can’t believe this is reality. We accomplished this shit. We did this shit together.

“I didn’t know I hit [the window] that hard. No one got that on camera. Fuck the blue! Fuck the blue!”

Moments after Sullivan captured Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt getting shot and killed in the Capitol, a blonde woman accompanying Sullivan who appears to be his accomplice, Jade Sacker, gleefully exclaims, “We did it!”

“You were right! We did it,” she boasts.

“Dude, I was trying to tell you. I couldn’t say much,” Sullivan replies. “Is this not going to be the best film you’ve ever made in your life?”

“It’s all fake,” he explains. “I learned that shit already – I am going to wear a Trump hat. I am going to wear a Trump hat. I bought one today. I was wearing a Trump hat at the last Trump rally, at that Trump rally during the daytime because I was like, ‘nah, that shit ain’t happening, bro.”

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    • And Trump gets impeached for what this POS did....

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      • There is something so very wrong with everything that is going on at the moment and who every is behind it is getting away with it because they are in the shadows. 

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