Biden Is Expected to Cut Nicotine in Cigarettes as Early as Today

The Biden administration is expected as soon as Tuesday to announce it intends to issue a rule requiring tobacco companies to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes sold in the United States to minimally or nonaddictive levels, according to an individual familiar with the situation.

The effort, if successful, could have an unprecedented effect in slashing smoking-related deaths and threaten a politically powerful industry.

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    • Nothing like making "Big Business" EVEN RICHER........

      does that CHILD RAPING TRAITOR have ANY Braincells left.????

      does he not realize that if you cut the need MORE of the drug to satisfy?

      cutting "Nicotine" only makes people have to BUY twice as many.........IDIOT

      dont get me wrong here .......Im not a smoker, never have been, and I wish lighting one up carried the death penalty.....

      but this MORON is just PLAIN DUMB

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