Are The Republicans Getting Ready For The Election Legal Fight Or Are They Blowing It Again

Ronna McDaniel is gone and American patriots should rejoice that her reign of failure has ended. There’s a new team in charge at the Republican National Committee, and this is a really good time to remind everybody that Ronna McDaniel was a total disaster, and there is absolutely no evidence apparent to any of us out in the world that the Republicans have learned anything from their lawfare disasters in 2020 and 2022 and that they are doing anything about it. That should be the Number One job of the new leadership team, even before repairing the damaged relationship with donors that Ronna McDaniel’s inept tenure inspired. We have got to fix the legal problems facing Republicans in elections across the country, but especially in the key swing states, and if we don’t, nothing else is going to matter.

So, what’s going on? What is the Republican lawfare plan? Well, Ronna McDaniel insists that the RNC has 70+ lawsuits going on out there. I don’t believe her, but let’s assume that’s true. Who’s in charge of this massive operation? It’s not going to be the RNC’s general counsel. As general counsel of the RNC, Michael Whatley was responsible for the RNC’s own legal work, and now he’s one of the new co-chairs. The other co-chair is Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and hopefully she’s been burned hard enough in the past to want to get this right.

But are the Republicans getting this right? A bunch of random lawsuits is not a legal operation. It’s a bunch of random lawsuits. Here’s how I know if an operation is going to be unsuccessful. I ask who is in charge, and I don’t get an answer. Well, that’s what I did at CPAC. I asked around and a whole bunch of big wheels in Republican politics did the same thing when I asked who is in charge of fighting the legal battle and coordinating it across the country. They shrugged. They don’t know. They have no idea who’s in charge or what the plan is, or even if there’s a plan at all.

See, that’s bad. 

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