🍁 🇨🇦 🇨🇦 💥Order No. 09082020-A💥

Breaking News -- 9.8.2020 🍁

💥 National Law Strikes Down Measures,

💥 Empowers Citizens to Resist;

💥 Officials Ordered to Stand Down or be Prosecuted in Common Law Courts

--A Law was passed today by a council of Canadian citizens’ assemblies that struck down and criminalized all COVID measures requiring , , , and .

--Under the 🍁 Public Safety Law NCCLA Order No. 09082020-A,🍁 any attempt to impose such measures on is considered a punishable and can result in the arrest and trial of the offender, regardless of their office. Canadians are encouraged to actively resist #COVID measures, relying on the new law and local Common Law Sheriffs.

--The law was issued by the National Council of Common Law Assemblies (#NCCLA), which unites more than 40 such Assemblies across Canada within the jurisdiction of the #RepublicOfKanata. The NCCLA also issued a Stand Down Order to all #government, #police and '#health' officials that requires that they not enforce COVID measures and comply with the new law.

--Copies of the NCCLA documents are posted at http://www.republicofkanata.ca under “Media”. Write to councilofassemblies@protonmail.com .

Posted 7-8 September, 2020.


🔹 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66seIj5nN9g

🔹 https://republicofkanata.ca/media/

#COVID19 #Tyranny #StandDownOrder #NationalCouncil #CommonLaw #Law #Kanata"


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    • Wow, that was unexpected. Now we just need that to happen here.

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