What Comes After the Current Chaos?

False narratives control many of us. There are myriad reasons why our country finds itself a shell of what we once were. It did not happen overnight or by accident.

While we talk about causation a lot, it is the consequences and fallout from making bad choices that will find you, regardless of your political persuasion, race, where you came from, or even your social standing. No one will escape what’s coming unscathed unless we find our footing and take back our lives and our country through any means necessary. 

Returning to who we were will be hard. But not making the effort guarantees failure on a monumental scale. Likely worse than World Wars, worse than any pandemic, and worse than any social privation we’ve ever experienced… if we cop out. When the last strut holding us up gets kicked out, an entirely new world of hurt will quickly become almost everyone’s experience.

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