U.S. People Have Been Murdered to Keep Alien Craft a Secret Since 1930

UFO Congress hearing: Whistleblower David Grusch suggests people have been murdered as part of conspiracy to keep alien craft a secret

  • First-of-its kind bombshell hearing saw three ex-military blow whistle on UFOs
  • Shared experiences with craft that looked like 'dark cube in transparent sphere' 
  • Former intelligence officer hinted US government had murdered to keep secrets
  • A veteran pilot said he saw white 'tic tac' UFO perform other-worldly maneuvers 
  • 'It was amazing to see. I told my buddy I wanted to fly it,' said Commander Fravor

The US has been in possession of UFOs since 'the 1930s' and has been secretly back-engineering them and carrying out a public disinformation campaign to prevent the details from leaking publicly.

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