The omicron COVID variant magically increases Fauci's megalomania

Anthony Fauci is a disturbed and disturbing man.  An unelected bureaucrat who is consistently wrong about things (going back to AIDS), who used taxpayer money to help develop the COVID that plagues us, and who has funded indescribably cruel animal research, he is threatening to shut America down again, throwing mud at elected officials, and anointing himself as the embodiment of "science" in America.  Never in American history has a megalomaniac had so much power and been so destructive.

Judging by the numbers of diagnoses and deaths in South Africa, the omicron variant seems unexciting.  As is typical for viruses when they hang around humans, they get more contagious but less severe over time.  My initial suspicions seem to have been correct because the South African medical association is stating that the new variant is a "mild disease."

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