Sexual chaos in the Arab world drives some of its grotesque violence

During the attack on Israel, a member of Hamas grabs a Jewish girl. He lies down on top of her, comes to orgasm, stands up, and shoots her. What kind of sadistic twists were already present in his head that allowed the softness of sexual relations to be entwined with the violence of murder?

No one asks this question in America because it means looking deeper than most people want. But it needs to be asked since it is central to the problem of future peace or the lack thereof. Everyone knows there are cultural differences between people. Do some differences make it impossible to co-mingle groups? Yes, indeed! It is particularly true in the case of Arabs and Jews.

Sexuality between family members among the Jews is seen as destructive to family unity. Violations are condemned roundly. Among Arabs, sexuality is part of the family package. The most common manifestation is polygamy. Most American women expect exclusivity in marriage. It provides financial and social security, as well as clear lines of inheritance for their children.

This is a complex topic since most Arab males do not engage in polygamy. Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon Westerners to understand that polygamy may be the force that most disrupts relations between Arabs and Westerners, because it causes an unnatural social condition where there is a chronic shortage of women. If one man takes four wives, three men go without. It is an arithmetical inevitability.

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