Scientists set a new efficiency record for a perovskite solar cell

Scientists at UNIST have achieved the world’s highest power conversion efficiency (PCE) record for a perovskite solar cell (PSC) at 25.8%. They created an interlayer between electron-transporting and perovskite layers to minimize interfacial defects.

The high-concentration defects in the interfaces between the perovskite and charge-transporting layers significantly reduce the power conversion efficiency of the devices. Many studies that aimed to reduce these defects mainly focused on surface passivation. Yet, passivating the perovskite surface that interfaces with the electron-transporting layer have been difficult because the surface-treatment agents on the electron-transporting layer may dissolve while coating the perovskite thin film.

Scientists noted, “Alternatively, interfacial defects may not be a concern if a coherent interface could be formed between the electron-transporting and perovskite layers.”

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