Poll Showing 70% prefer Kavanaugh Over RBG - Deleted by Senate Dems

Who could have seen this coming? As the poll's count rose and pitched overwhelmingly to Kavanaugh...  

Senate Democrats appear to have found it easier to erase history than admit defeat.

*  *  *

Well that didn't work out as planned...

Assuming their own echo chamber would provide an 'obvious' conclusion, providing self-aggrandizing virtue signaling ammunition for the next news cycle attack on the vast right-wing conspiracy, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee tweeted out a simple poll to its 107,000 followers:

Do you want more Supreme Court justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg or do you want more justices like Brett Kavanaugh?

— Senate Democrats (@dscc) May 3, 2019

The results - as of 1330ET 5/3/19 - were that with over 200,000 votes already counted, RBG is losing to her arch-nemesis by 30-70% of the vote...

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