Over a THIRD of More than 4,500 Chicago cops are facing unpaid suspension for refusing to get vaccinated

More than 4,500 Chicago cops - over a THIRD of the department - are facing unpaid suspension for refusing to get vaccinated: City may be forced bring in suburban Illinois officers to make up shortfall

  • About one third of the Chicago Police Department, or 4,543 officers, have not complied with the city's demand to report their vaccination status
  • Of those who replied,  1,333 - or 16 percent - said they have not been vaccinated
  • Those officers must undergo weekly COVID-19 testing on their own time and expense and have until December 31 to get the jab
  • About 50 officers have refused all together and forfeited the jobs over the mandate
  • Meanwhile, the city has begun recruiting from suburban Illinois to fill potential shortfalls
  • Union President John Catanzara is pursuing legal action against the city, saying that the mandate went against the union's collective bargaining rights
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