Laughing at the Lies of the Left

We are in a battle between good and evil, but evil cannot be honest about its true nature so it must lie.  

The New Saint Andrews College recently produced a very powerful video entitled LIES, with the thesis that lies lose all their power when the deceived become wise. With laughter being the best weapon against these lies, it’s the ‘assault weapon’ of choice in the cultural civil war in which we are engaged.

This is why the fascist far-left hates President Trump, Tucker Carlson, and others -- because they puncture their lies and have a good time doing it. 

The forces of freedom have lightness and laughter on our side. We have the ideas that work: individual liberty, and limited government. Economic freedom and property rights have sown prosperity for ages. We can be honest because we’re the good guys and gals. And we can laugh at their lies and drive them insane. Better make that more insane, considering where they are now.


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