Is 2024 Only A Mirage?

Victor Davis Hanson recently published an essay titled “Our French Revolution.” In it, he describes the cultural upheaval we are experiencing in America today and how we should view those presently in control of our government who clearly intend to destroy what America once was.  In short, we are in the midst of a modern-day Jacobin revolution.

Once again, however, left unsaid is what exactly should patriots be doing between now and the next elections in 2024 to stop this emerging tyranny before our nation reaches a point of no return. Every day, we hear from many patriots who tell us that we’ll be able to fix it all in 2024 when Trump is re-elected and we take the White House back from the Democrats.

But, to be safe, should we not be asking, is that a realistic strategy or only a form of group denial by some among us who refuse to accurately assess our present reality? The indictment of President Trump this week strongly suggests it very well could be the latter.


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