How Rabid Wokeness Wrecks Therapy

Historians debate the role of biblical teachings regarding the Mark of Cain and its justification of slavery in American history.  However those passages were used as apologia for slavery, there is no doubt that a destructive aspect of religion is its power to compel belief in collective guilt solely on group identification rather than any individual wrongdoing by members.  Today, federal and state governments attempt to brainwash and compel anti-white prejudice and practices through fear of reprisal, exactly paralleling the religious dogma that justified slavery.  In the 1700s, that dogma acted upon rigidly moralistic, materially advantaged slave-owners to maintain the justification of oppression.  Today, the ascription of white guilt and white cultural oppression is an artifact of anti-moral society, where God-based moral precepts have been abandoned and psychological experts are de facto clergy with the power to preach human good and evil.  Politicized psychology functions as priestcraft, attempting to instill guilt in people who have done no racial wrongdoing and entraining assumed humility, which fortifies egoism and pride.

In the 20th century, as actual white racist oppression dwindled to a trickle, focus shifted from uplifting historically disadvantaged people to castigating imaginary white oppressors.  The diagnostic manual of white-guilting includes white privilege theory — that all European-Americans, regardless of poverty, disease, or trauma, are always privileged above non-whites — and white fragility theory — that being white is psychopathology that paralyzes whites from recognizing their bigotry.

White cultural humility training turns a corner into the presumption of incurability and hopelessness, where European-Americans are to be 

permanently humbled.  It is a framework of religion without forgiveness for whites, who must self-flagellate forever and parrot humility for the supposed sins of their culture.


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