Florida bans 54 of its school MATH textbooks for 'trying to indoctrinate students'

Florida bans 54 of its school math textbooks for 'trying to indoctrinate students': Half of the prohibited titles feature Critical Race Theory

  • The Florida Department of Education tossed out 54 math textbooks submitted for its curriculum, with 28 rejected for referencing CRT 
  • The state DOE ultimately tossed out 41 percent of the 132 math textbooks submitted for including CRT, Common Core and Social Emotional Learning 
  • The DOE said 71 percent of the material submitted for elementary school students were not appropriately aligned with Florida standards
  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had banned CRT as a component in Florida schools saying it was 'indoctrinating' students in 'woke ideology'
  • The state says publishers were warned ahead of time to make sure the books complied with the law and said they are free to alter the books and try again 
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