Congress is about to rob Medicare to 'save' the Postal Service

In the business world, low-performance departments are often audited, reformed, and — if they continue to under-perform — eliminated.  It's one of the many ways companies stay competitive — by eliminating dead weight to stay profitable and keep customers happy with high-quality service and competitive prices.

This week, the House is set to do the exact opposite.  In typical "kick the can down the road" action by our elected officials, a bipartisan group of politicians are shifting billions of dollars in retirement costs from the U.S. Postal Service to Medicare.  Supporters celebrate that USPS will remove unaffordable retirement costs from its balance sheet, thus keeping itself solvent.  What they've tried to hide is Congress's sleight of hand, which will accelerate Medicare's projected 2026 bankruptcy.

The Congressional Budget Office's July 2021 report laid out the situation clearly.  In just the first ten years of the shifting of your tax dollars from one account to another — changing nothing but where the money is located — an additional 25% of retired postal workers are required to join Medicare.  That's required, mind you, not requested or given the opportunity to join.  And that means you and I, the people who pay the postal workers' salaries, are going to be even more on the hook for their retirements.

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