Chuck Schumer begged 'we need help' - Mike Pence pleaded “Clear the Capitol”

Mike Pence pleaded with the military to 'clear the Capitol' after rioters stormed the rotunda while Chuck Schumer begged 'we need help' - but it took another HOUR for the Pentagon to send troops

  • A new Pentagon timeline of the January 6 riot was released on Friday with fresh details of how it transpired 
  • Pence was evacuated from the Senate floor at 2.13pm and made the call to the military at 4.06pm 
  • He told Miller to 'clear the Capitol' while sheltering in a secure location as the rioters roamed the halls 
  • It took another hour and 25 minutes for the first National Guard troops to arrive on the scene    
  • Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi also phoned the Pentagon and said 'we need help' 
  • Schumer asked officials to tell President Trump to tweet to turn the rioters away hours before troops were on the ground
  • There are ongoing investigations into why it took so long for the military to get to the scene 
  • DC police had asked for National Guardsmen in the days before the riot; Capitol cops did not 
  • Internal FBI memos have also revealed that field offices knew there was a riot planned beforehand  
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