CDC Under Pressure to Present Evidence for New Mask Mandates, put up or we won't mask up

CDC Under pressure to present evidence for new mask mandates, put up or we won't mask up: Pressure grows on CDC to release data that led to mask U-turn as cities and states say they WON'T change guidance without seeing the new evidence.

When CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced the reversed policy on Tuesday she said 'new scientific data' justified the move. She said it came from research on 'breakthrough' infections, comparing viral loads between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

  • Cities and states said they wanted to see data used by CDC to reach its new findings
  • On Tuesday it said even vaccinated people should wear masks indoors in areas of high COVID-19 transmission
  • It said even vaccinated people can spread the virus but has not yet released its evidence
  • Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said she had yet to see data that would prompt her to change her state's stance
  • In the absence of evidence, Republicans have cast doubt on the validity of the findings
  • Ted Cruz CDC is 'acting like an arm of the DNC' and its credibility 'is in tatters'

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