Avoiding Others That Control Your Agenda

From Healthline, here’s a look at 12 signs that might suggest someone has a controlling personality:

  1. They make you think everything’s your fault.
  2. They criticize you all the time.
  3. They don’t want you to see the people you love.
  4. They keep score.
  5. They gaslight you.
  6. They create drama.
  7. They intimidate you.
  8. They’re moody.
  9. They don’t take “no” for an answer.
  10. They’re unreasonably jealous.
  11. They try to change you.
  12. They may show abusive behavior.

There are many situations where we find this controlling behavior. Here is one small situation to consider that may find you trapped – people that try or inadvertently control your agenda.

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