Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling out 'Peeping Tom' websites Facebook and Google

Apple CEO Tim Cook is calling out fellow tech industry titans for violating users' privacy rights and expressing concern about how much time iPhone customers and their children are spending using Apple products.

Cook also mentioned Facebook and Google after criticizing sites that sell people's data, saying such sites can obtain more information in secret than a 'peeping Tom.'

His highly-critical comments were made during an exclusive ABC News interview with Diane Sawyer that aired on Friday.

The 58-year-old leader of the world's most profitable tech company was discussing the issue of online privacy and ways to help Americans spend less time looking at smartphone screens during a conversation about how technology is damaging people's lives.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called online privacy a "crisis" in an  interview with ABC News, reaffirming the company's stance on privacy as companies like Facebook and Google have come under increased scrutiny regarding their handling of consumer data.

 "Privacy in itself has become a crisis," Cook told  ABC's Diane Sawyer. "It's of that proportion — a crisis." 

Unlike companies such as Google and Facebook, Apple's business isn't focused on advertising, and therefore it does not benefit from collecting data to improve ad targeting. 

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