A Tale of Two Countries

Just recently, I took my wife to a local country music concert to celebrate her birthday. I was surprised by the number of people drinking Bud Light there.  Given the conservative market backlash to Bud Light’s transgender beer campaign, I expected many more people to choose no shortage of alternatives.  A friend observed that they saw a thirty-pack of Bud Light at the local grocer for twelve dollars.  This is why it was odd to see people pay twelve dollars for a single Bud Light tallboy.

One Bud Light drinker, in particular, stood out.  This person was among the first to stand for the Memorial Day tribute of the national anthem played on the fiddle with the American flag waving on the jumbotron.  This same person also knew all the words to Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue.” At that time, I realized that many Americans are blissfully unaware or apathetic to current affairs and are just here to catch a good time.

Country music presents an interesting metaphor for modern America: traditionally family and faith-oriented, now shallow and self-interested.  It has always been a storytelling art form that celebrates a simpler life, God, family, and traditional morals.  With the recent mainstreaming of country music came a melding of pop, rap, hypnotizing beats, and repetitive lyrics emphasizing superficial topics like *** and alcohol.  I have heard it called country rap or ****, and that’s an apt description.  Songs I would place in this category are often the least melodious or creative but were the first to get the youth up and dancing at the concert.


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