Chaos & Mayhem in South Africa After Ex-President Zuma's Arrest

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Chaos & Mayhem in South Africa After Ex-President Zuma's Arrest

This group is focused on the developing unrest in South Africa after the arrest of ex-president Jacob Zuma 

The former South African President Jacob Zuma lost a court bid on Friday to overturn his arrest for contempt of court, days after turning himself in for a 15-month jail term in a case that has tested the post-Apartheid nation's rule of law.

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South African Kids Singing Kill the Boor Kill the Farmer. Indoctrinated from an early age.

South Africa calls up all members of the Army Reserve.

The community is fighting back! July 14, 2021


Burnt and looted, now they have nothing.

The queue for bread this morning in Soweto as the looting hangover kicks in.

After looted the country, his supporters took their turn.  

New Leather Couch in

Looting in

South African Proverb: I'm so hungry I could steal a TV.

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Imagine looting a country to free a man who looted a country!


The looting taking place in South Africa is on a scale beyond comprehension and so is the packaging waste from the looted products.  

The aftermath of the looting of GAME a major appliance retailer in SA. While it illustrates the destruction caused by looting, it shows the horrendous wast in packaging materials.

Link to the looting in progress and explanation as to why the looting happened.