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"School Administrators forced joyful and spunky third-grader, Lydia Booth, to remove and replace her mask. Why? Because it had “Jesus Loves Me” written on it.  Lydia isn’t looking to cause trouble. She only wants to share the love of Jesus with her friends and classmates.

Lydia’s constitutional rights don’t disappear when she steps into school. Thank you for helping us defend her.

At nine years old, Lydia has been forced to experience what no American ever should: fear of punishment for expressing her faith. "



More fallout from 'Woke' policies.

From ZeroHedge

"255 'Transgender' Inmates Request Transfer To Women's Prisons After California Passes New Law"


My review of POTUS' first presser March 25th, 2021:

************ Liar *************************

That is all.

PS Subscribe to these channels if you want to know the truth about the border crisis



"What all this reveals about the terrible judgment and politicization of top levels of the U.S. military is truly an existential threat to the nation. It is not one that will be solved by Congress sending more money to an institution this badly intellectually and ideologically corrupted. It will only be solved by Congress demanding that the U.S. military be stripped of identity politics cant and corruption..."

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