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If you've read Sun Tzu from the beginning to the end and the end to the beginning- No explanation necessary.

If you've never read Sun Tzu - No explanation possible.

I realize I don't expend a lot of time on this platform. You can find me more often at or 

So a bit of explaining. 

I'm for taking the fight to the enemy on the ground of our choosing. Doing battle with the pen before there is need to do battle with the sword. The stolen election from Kari Lake in Arizona, covid that can be tracked back to 2013, are two example of how the enemy has used the pen against us. 

If we do not turn that (the pen work) around all the ammo, rifles and swords are useless. Our freedoms where established by our creator and recognized with the pen. The disagreement was fought over with force of arms true. But our freedoms where concreted in place with the pen. Now our enemies seek to undo us with the pen. 

From age 14 to 94 everyone can fight with the pen. We are in a much more limited number with rifles. I also want to emphasize the pen is ink on paper. The HARD COPY. Not digital convenience or conveyance. FAX machines which equal certified mail under law the exception. 

The Patriot tool chest (the pen work) is a vast armory that is collecting dust. If we are to do the house cleaning necessary to keep our freedoms, we need to start a field day dusting in that armory. Putting those tools to work. Oiling the rusty parts by educating ourselves to use them. 

The American Paper & Ink War.

The S2 Project, Commander's notebook, 12/25/2022, 2nd entry.

We're in this for getting the win.

Have you ever heard of "Legally Kidnapped"? It's when children get taken away from the parents without probable cause on the word of a false witness or witnesses. It's all a set up.

Help save these to children from the system.

The mother is a real deal Patriot. The legal fund she needs to raise is $100K +.

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THE S2 PROJECT WILL OFFICIALLY BE AT THE STURGID MOTORCYCLE RALLY. 6 AUG to 15 AUG. 2021 OVER 500,000 PEOPLE EXPECTED TO VISIT THE SOUTH DAKOTA BLACK HILLS THIS YEAR. We have been telling you for a long time to get out of the house and meet new Patriots like yourself. We don't scream “Please Donate” daily like so many other good causes do. But we do put our money where our mouth is.

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