On our Jan. 6 Political Prisoners - op Ed by Laura Loomer

As our nation quickly approaches one full year of the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration, Americans watched this last week as the communist fake news media continued to glorify the protests that took place on January 6th, 2021 as an “assault on democracy.”  

Over the past year, more than 700 Americans in 45 states have been charged in what has been described by the Biden Regime as the biggest criminal investigation in history. Thousands of Americans who showed up to Washington, DC, on January 6th to protest the fraudulent 2020 elections have been targeted by the FBI, harassed by the weaponized Department of Justice, and many of the nearly 700 who were arrested are being held in jails across the country in appalling conditions. Here in America, the year is now 2022, and while we are not exactly a third world country…yet, we can honestly say that much like what happens in actual third world nations and failed states, the American government is politically persecuting Americans, undermining the sanctity and integrity of our vote, and we now have political prisoners in what is supposed to be the “land of the free.”  

Read the full op Ed on the Citrus Eagle:

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