Darrell Brooks Belongs to Black Supremacist Sect of Islam Called ‘The Five Percent Nation’, He Committed Vehicular Jihad

The Five Percent Nation is a black nationalist movement influenced by Islam. Members of the group call themselves “Allah’s Five Percenters”. The Fiver Percent Nation preaches black supremacy and teaches that black people are the original inhabitants of planet earth, and that the white man is an evil devil.

LOOMERED uncovered Darrell Brooks’s social media pages before they were wiped from the internet in an active coverup by Big Tech and the pro-BLM media. They are actively trying to cover up this act of black supremacist Islamic inspired terrorism against innocent White people in Wisconsin.

Read the full article here:

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    • The Black Supremacy movements in America are deeply tied to Nation of Islam.

      The black supremacist sect of Islam that Darrell Brooks practices believes that “white men are the devil”, and that “God (Allah) is the Asiatic black man”.

      This was an Islamic inspired black supremacist terrorist attack against White people. 


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