'Biden isn't fit for the role - he's gone gaga' Brits condemn President's Afghanistan 'betrayal'

'Biden isn't fit for the role - he's gone gaga': Tory MPs join US Republicans in condemning President's Afghanistan 'betrayal' as UK is left with just 24 hours to get last 2,000 British allies out - with Taliban now calling shots

  • Kabul evacuation has entered desperate final stages after Joe Biden refused to delay departure of US troops
  • Mr Biden is said to have dismissed G7 request 'point blank', regarding idea of an extension as a 'non-runner'  
  • Dominic Raab said the UK is now working 'full speed' to get the remaining Brits and Afghan out of the country 
  • Last flight could come as early as tomorrow or Friday as troops will need time to wrap up their deployment
  • US special relationship is falling appart


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