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As president, Joe Biden will not support, defend, or rescue Taiwan.  That sounds harsh.  But based on his colossal foreign policy errors, including his disastrous execution of American withdrawal that led to Afghanistan's breakneck capitulation, it's a pretty reasonable conclusions. His actions resulted in a loss of confidence in the U.S. as a global leader and as a reliable partner by the allies.

From a policy perspective, the premise that the U.S. will assist Taiwan is questionable due to the decades-long U.S.-Taiwan "strategic ambiguity" stance. Strategic ambiguity has led and will continue to lead to mistaken and forlorn hope that it deters adversaries; it only invites miscalculations and unintended armed conflicts.

If nothing else, the Afghanistan fiasco and the blatant abandonment of partners reinforced past misgivings about Biden.  Add to that the constraints of an outdated strategic ambiguity policy, a lack of a mutual defense treaty and the abject failure to execute the most important foreign policy charge he has faced, Biden cannot be relied on to support, defend or rescue Taiwan in there is a flare-up in East Asia. 

    • Trust Joe, everything he says is true!

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