JUST IN - US military aircraft possibly carrying "nuclear material" has crashed in California, leaving 4 people dead. A fifth remains missing.


    • A military aircraft crashed in the Imperial County area of California, according to local reports. Preliminary reports indicate the aircraft was loaded with nuclear material with at least 5 people aboard. Rescue efforts and an investigation are underway.

      Additional radio traffic indicates at least four people are dead as a result of a military aircraft crash in the Imperial County area of California near Highway 78. Rescue teams are still searching for a 5th person that remains unaccounted.

      Imperial County officials are assuming all five people aboard a crashed military aircraft near Highway 78 are deceased. It’s unknown what caused the aircraft to crash at this time. Additional details about nuclear material aboard are not known. The military now has the scene.

        • Has managed to cock-up again and nuke America?

            • USMC says an MV-22B Osprey belonging to 3d Marine Air Wing

              crashed near Glamis, Calif. No word on survivors. “There was no nuclear material on board the aircraft.”

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