If you want to complain about inflation, and I know we are all complaining about inflation because we are all hurting, then you need to put your money where your mouth is this election season and start voting out the crooks and liars who are voting in support of sending $40 BILLION to a crooked country for a geo-political war that doesn’t concern us, while inflation, food, and gas prices are the highest they have ever been in our lifetime. 

We cannot keep spending money we don’t have. 

The insanity will continue as long as treasonous career politicians like Dan Webster continue to stay in office. 


We need people to show up on droves this primary season, especially here in Florida for the Republican primary August 23, 2022!

    • The Problem with that Laura, is the Democrats have learned that they CAN and WILL win by cheating, AND they WILL CONTINUE to do it....

      Our VOTE doesnt matter anymore.....

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