🇨🇳🇺🇲 's landing in , first results:

 1. To be honest, we did not fully believe that she would decide on it.  Including because even , not to mention the many American elites tied to cooperation with , disowned this provocation.

 2. It is strange that someone expected a strike on the plane - from the very beginning it was clear that China's response would be, at least for now, in the diplomatic plane.  Or in the military-diplomatic, but, of course, there is no talk of a war with the United States.

 3. For Russia, this development of the plot is simply ideal, because without China it would not be easy to hybridize against the West, and the extremely ambitious Xi, at the head of a billion-strong, disciplined and patriotic population, will never forgive this insult.  And the best form of response is not to get involved in a direct clash with the United States, to harm them where it will be especially noticeable.  Of course, this primarily concerns the increase in assistance to Russia in terms of circumventing Western sanctions.

 4. With all our criticality to what is happening, we evaluate this particular case as a "overcome",

 5. "Zrada" would be China's consent to Pelosi's visit and the Sino-American "reset".

 6. The story is just beginning.  Thanks to the grandmother for driving the last nail into the lid of the unipolar world, showing that the US is not going to reckon with China, which, according to all forecasts, is becoming the scientific and economic locomotive of the planet.