People are saying that TD Ameritrade claim that the DWAC vote is closed... this is not true.

Read the Press Release on the SEC website..

When is the deadline to vote? Votes will be accepted up to and during the October 10, 2022 meeting, however if you hold shares in “street” name, we strongly encourage you to vote early to give your broker sufficient time to record your vote.

How can I vote? The easiest way for stockholders to vote is to contact our new proxy solicitor, Alliance Advisors LLC, at (877) 728-4996 or by email at They will assist you with voting questions from 9am to 10pm EST, Monday through Sunday. 

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    • SEC Ombudsman,

      I'm a small retail investor looking for answers on the Merger for DWAC and TMTG. My investment has been severely hurt by what appears to be an unnecessary and politically motivated delay.

      DWAC and TMTG are companies that have stepped up to fight the overwhelming monopoly and political coercion of Twitter and Meta.

      Should the SEC for healthy Capitalism not allow competition?

      What is the reason for the Merger delay?

      Is the SEC allowing politics to weigh on its decision?

      Senator Warren is a very biased politician with hatred for Trump and all republicans. Is Sen. Warren's request to not allow the merger weighing on the SEC's decision?

      Who else should I contact to voice my concerns?

      I am looking for answers to what appears to be a broken system, Thank You for your help.

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