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If you haven’t put a sunflower in your bio yet, I’m just going to assume that you’re a fascist who wants me dead 🌻

The transgender movement in the could teach us all something about humanity, the Ukrainian soldiers are amazing they all ware masks to protect the pregnant Ukrainian men of color even on the front lines and they appointed Sara, who at the time was a American, pro-Russian, transgender, as the spokesperson of territorial defense.

After getting his balls amputated, Sara Ashton-CirilloΒ is now proud of the vocal support shown by LGBTQ groups in Ukraine, such as Gender Stream, Kyiv Pride and Ukraine Pride, this battle for the country’s liberation is not about tolerance or acceptance for any one group but freedom and liberty for all Ukrainians, with a hatred for anything Russian.

I laugh whenever I see talk of a "Civil War!"

Most Americans didn't even have the courage to walk past the "FACE MASK REQUIRED" signs at the grocery store.

We simply do not value freedom like I once thought.

Most Americans have

Aliens arrive on Earth. Delegations from different countries and religious leaders gather and ask the aliens about their lives. And then the Pope gets his turn:

  • Do you know about our Savior and Lord God, Jesus Christ?
  • Ah, Jesus," the alien replies.
  • Of course we know him. He visits us every year to make sure we're okay.
  • Every year?! We've been waiting 2,000 years for his second coming! -surprised, the Pope exclaims.
  • The alien sees the priest getting angry and tries to calm him down:Β 
  • Well, maybe he likes our chocolate better than yours.....
  • Chocolate? What does that have to do with anything?!
  • When he first visited our planet, we gave him a huge box of chocolates. It's our tradition now.
  • What is your tradition with Jesus?

White people like to β€œventure out” into nature because it reminds them of the days they were colonizers. When they enter the woods, they imagine that they are conquistadors about to β€œdiscover” and oppress a tribe of indigenous folx. That’s why I stopped traveling. I stay home

To be even more inclusive, I am no longer identifying as just myself. I now identify as all of you as well. My new pronouns are we/us.

When you reject me sexually, you are not just attacking me - you are attacking democracy.

Let Trans Women use women’s restroom y’all!Β 

Make a trans woman's day!


The world would be a better place if more scientists threw out their books and just followed their hearts.