Whoopi Goldberg's fake Jewish past: Recipe for 'Jewish American Princess Fried Chicken'

Whoopi Goldberg's fake Jewish past: The View host wrote 1993 recipe for 'Jewish American Princess Fried Chicken' then claimed SHE was a practicing Jew - as insiders slam 'decades' of 'disgusting' appropriation and anti-Semitism

  • In 1993, Whoopi Goldberg submitted a recipe to a cookbook that was made-up of recipes by the waspy residents of a Connecticut county 
  • She called it Jewish American Princess Fried Chicken and joked about Jewish women sending their 'chauffeurs' to shop, and having 'Cook' prepare the meal
  • 'Watch your nails!' she joked in the recipe which finished: 'You must be exhausted!'
  • The Anti-Defamation League slammed it at the time as 'insulting' and 'anti-Semitic' 
  • Whoopi's agent defended her by claiming she is Jewish herself, so can't be anti-Semitic
  • Whoopi said in the past that she chose the Jewish name Goldberg to be her stage-name because she has 'Jewish ancestors' 
  • It has been reported elsewhere that she chose it because her mother told her she'd get more auditions in Hollywood if people thought she was Jewish 
  • Noa Tishby, an Israeli actress, writer and activist, told DailyMail.com the recipe re-enforced harmful stereotypes
  • Eve Barlow, a writer and journalist, called Whoopi's actions 'disgustingly appropriated'  
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