WATCH: Twitter and Facebook Flag Trump's 'Most Important Speech' on Alleged Voter Fraud

Twitter and Facebook have put a warning label on Trump's video statement about purported fraud in the presidential election, challenging the president's allegations.

As with many of Trump's posts, Twitter flagged this one with a disclaimer "This claim about election irregularities is disputed", while Facebook attached a link to its Voter Information Center explaining that voter fraud is an extremely rare occurence in the US.

While Main-Stream-Media described, Donald Trump’s surprise speech has been branded “one of the most dishonest” he has ever given.

Claiming that "The 46-minute taped speech on Facebook saw the outgoing president repeat a string of debunked and false claims about the election results and voter fraud."

Mr Trump had called the event “maybe the most important speech I’ve ever made” even as he predicted it would be “disparaged” by his critics.

“Pres Trump in this 46 minute video he just released says this might be the most important speech he has ever given,” tweeted Yamiche Alcindor, White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour.

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