Truth, Accuracy, and Election Fraud

In a letter unanimously signed by the delegates to the First Continental Congress on October 26, 1774, our founders stated, "The first grand right, is that of the people having a share in their own government by their representatives chosen by themselves, and, in consequence, of being ruled by laws, which they themselves approve, not by edicts of men over whom they have no control."

It is for this reason that our Constitution defines a zero-trust system.  In America, transparency and direct accountability are central to securing our inalienable right — to live as a sovereign being, possessed of our own thoughts, experiences, and creativity to guide us.  Self-governance in our country is restricted by a moral duty to respect the free will of others and a civil duty to share in the responsibility and benefits of a limited government.  Otherwise, we answer to our maker, whether we admit it or not.

When our laws no longer honor individual sovereignty, and are turned on the people who have ostensibly consented to their passing, elections are logically suspect.  When officials arrogantly turn away from the cries of the people, it falls upon us to probe our zero-trust toolkit for a peaceful remedy.  How fortunate we are to have that opportunity!


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