The person who committed the Canadian trucker convoy hit-and-run is named David Alexander Zegarac.

A 42-year-old man from Headingley, Man., is facing 11 charges in connection with a hit-and-run that injured four people outside the Manitoba Legislature.

On Sunday, police said David Alexander Zegarac is facing multiple charges including:

  • four counts of assault with a weapon;
  • two counts of dangerous operation of a conveyance causing bodily harm;
  • two counts of failure to stop after an accident knowing that reckless cause of bodily harm;
  • two counts of failing to stop at the scene of an accident; and
  • one count of dangerous operation of a conveyance.

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    • Andy Ngo

      Breaking: The suspect who allegedly rammed protesters & tried escaping in Winnipeg has been identified as an member. I investigated David Zegarac. He's a leader in the antifa punk scene & was accused of grooming & raping a young girl.

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