The 'most spectacular UFO photo ever captured' - Top-secret Aurora spy plane program?

Revealed after 32 years: The 'most spectacular UFO photo ever captured' - or the first glimpse of America's fabled top-secret Aurora spy plane program?

  • In August 1990, two young chefs photographed what they thought was a UFO while walking near the Carigorms in Scotland and took the pictures to a newspaper 
  • The paper passed them on to the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Then, the photographs vanished - along with the two young chefs
  • Now, after 32 years, the photograph is revealed - despite the MOD and The National Archives doing their utmost to keep it hidden until 2076 because of 'privacy concerns'
  • Retired RAF officer Craig Lindsay, now 83, broke protocol and kept a copy of one of the pictures inside his copy of Great Aircraft Of The World in his desk 
  • But is this picture, in fact, the first glimpse of America's fabled, top-secret Aurora spy plane program?
  • Since the mid-1980s, there had been rumours of a silent, supersonic, geometrically shaped craft, used for spy missions
  • There have never been substantial evidence that it was ever built or flown, but there have been numerous unexplained sightings and incidents in both the US and the UK that fuelled the myth.

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