The Land of the Free

m not really a protester, but I support the right to protest. I just tend not to show up at those events. I'm glad others do. I don't like crowds. I supported the protests of small business owners during COVID-19. I supported the George Floyd protests.

I do not support the violence, looting and rioting within protests. I condemned the violence at former President Donald Trump's inauguration. I condemned the violence during the George Floyd protests.

Too many people deploy situational ethics. When rioters stormed the Wisconsin State Capitol to stop the legislature in 2011, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended the people who smashed the windows and stormed the building. Now she wants the people who did the same in the U.S. Capitol to go to prison. I wanted them all in jail.

When rioters burned down various cities in America, many of the talking heads in the press defended them. Now they're assailing the truckers of Canada for impeding the flow of traffic and commerce.

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